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Tore all ligaments in my right ankle!

Ugh. Immobile and in bed for at least 2 weeks … and not in the “good” way. ;)

Feeling sorry for myself … Except for the fact they doped me up with enough morphine to choke a horse.


My Mantra:


“The pain I am feeling now is nothing compared to the pain I would feel later. Better to do this now than suffer months of torture agonizing over the when’s, the if’s, the but’s. If you were wrong you wouldn’t be in this position, so it’s smart to get out now. It’s crappy to be right about these things. Orwell was correct. Ignorance is bliss.”

Can’t sleep. Miss him too much.

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(via stolze)

The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure. The clitoris is simply a bundle of nerves: 8,000 nerve fibers, to be precise. That’s a higher concentration of nerve fibers than is found anywhere else in the body, including the fingertips, lips, and tongue, and it is twice… twice… twice the number in the penis. Who needs a handgun when you’ve got a semiautomatic.

from Woman: An Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier


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